Circular Route: Yes

Fit for MTB: Yes

Duration: 1 hour of effective march.

Minimum altitude: 893 m

Maximum altitude: 968 m

Length: 4.8 km

Last revision date: December 5, 2017


Tour description:

This is an easy tour that allows us to take a pleasant walk near the CTR Las Viñuelas in Sinarcas. As it is a circular to Cerro Carpio, most of the way we will see the antennas of the hill. We always have to be on the right. There are sections in which the vegetation or the orography itself does not allow us to see the antennas, but the road is evident.

Leaving Las Viñuelas we will take the paved road to the left (in the opposite direction to the town). The asphalt ends in a few meters and becomes a wide and firm track. We will continue along this track (carefully, as vehicles and some circulate at an inappropriate speed, however it is wide and with good visibility) until we see a trail post on our right (photo 1)
With the following indication “GR 238, PR CV 124.1 The Remedy for Tools”. TWe will take that path to the right towards El Remedio.

We will always continue along the track in better condition (some roads lead to fields, but ours is evident). On our way we will see junipers, junipers, holm oaks, pines, vines, the ever-present rosemary, …
When we reach a small almond tree field, we will see several roads and another trail post opposite (photo 2) . We will take the road to the right, following the indication of the post “PR CV 124.1 Route to Cerro Carpio by variant.”

We continue along the track in better condition seeing more forest, a magnificent view of the valley behind the hill and a little further on some almond groves.

Following that track, we will arrive at a crossroads with a very broken trail post (photo 3) in which nothing is read.
We will take to the right.
We are already returning, we will start a small climb that will lead us to find the track that goes up to Cerro Carpio that will appear on the right. It is a road in a better state than the road we came.

-If we want to climb the Hill (although that is another route), we can take that track that we have found upwards and in about 20 minutes walking we will be up.-

To continue our circular route we will take that path that we have found downwards with a steep slope, then we will see Sinarcas.

The road leads directly to Sinarcas, when entering, if we take the third street on the right, it takes us to the cooperative and from there to the starting point.

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